Thursday, 15 May 2014

Camping and Cars

Waking up to the sound of birds in a woodland campsite has got to be up there with the 10 simple pleasures of life. The sun was shining the small amount of rain we had in the night gave everything a fresh glisten. There was a slightly chilled breeze ... which was not pleasant during and after my cold outdoor shower!! Thankfully Tom had the car sorted and breakfast on the camp stove by the time I got back. We enjoyed beans and buttered bread for our early morning meal with the great outdoors serving as our dining space, it doesn't get much better than this I tell ya! 

Unfortunately, after Wednesdays antics our car was sounding a little worse for wear! Feeling uneasy about taking it on the rest of our journey without a professional opinion we decided to get the loud, whiny noise coming from under our bonnet checked out. The man at the garage was lovely and identified the problem for us within half an hour. With his advice to get the part (a power steering bearing) replaced when we get back to Tairua, we contined on our journey to Paihia. 

Paihia is a beautiful little seaside town with some gorgeous shops, restaurants and lovely sea views! Jet skiing was so much fun - even if the waves were rough and I got more seawater in my face than anywhere else! 

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