Monday, 6 October 2014

My Bucket List

I'm an avid list maker. I have lists, for lists, for lists! Okay. It's an insane habit of mine and I know I share it with many, many people out there - don't fib now! So it was only inevitable that one day I would write myself a Bucket List and a couple of years ago I did just that. My bucket list is incredibly long so for the purpose of this blog and this post I decided to narrow it down to less than a hundred things. 

I decided to include everything I would like to do travel related as well as a few bigger personal goals. There is room here for me to add to my list, I haven't quite reached 100 here yet - but trust me, give me time to visit a few more countries, broaden my horizons a little and this list is going to go nutty. 

A few of these I've already managed to cross off, and I'm so grateful to be able to have those experiences. They were all truly amazing, and some of them I would do again in a heart beat!

So here goes...

1) Travel around Europe
2) Learn to surf
3) Glacier Hike - DONE! We hiked Franz Josef Glacier this year and even got a little ride in a helicopter as part of the trip. Yippee!

Me in a hole on Franz Josef Glacier
4) Inspire someone
5) Face my biggest fear - Great White Sharks
6) Drive a convertible on Route 66 complete with shades, rock music and long hair!
7) Watch the All Blacks play - DONE! We did it this year at Eden Park, Auckland. The haka was incredible!
8) Buy my Dad a Porche 911
9) Try all of the insane local cuisines in the world - including all the bugs!
10) Have a successful blog
11) Drink hot chocolate & roast marshmallows in a winter wonderland
12) Visit Disneyland Paris
13) Yell "Andy's coming!" at Toy Story characters 

Me stoked after my skydive in England
14) Skydive - DONE! I did this in June 2013. I did it to raise money for a charity very close to my heart, the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.
15) Go to the airport, pick a flight and go!
16) Bungee jump - DONE! I did this in Taupo, New Zealand. Not for me. Ta.
17) Dive the Liberty Wreck in Bali
18) Do a yoga class in Ubud, Bali
19) Travel 12 countries in 12 months
20) Visit the Pyramids
21) Eat spaghetti in Rome
22) Play in a casino in Las Vegas
23) See the Northern Lights
24) Witness a meteor shower
25) Witness a solar eclipse
26) Volunteer for an animal welfare charity
27) Get involved with a Support Relief Effort
28) Play with a big cat
29) Raise 10,000pounds for the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance
30) Drive a Vespa in Italy
31) Spend Christmas in New York
32) Own a VW camper-van and travel around the UK
33)Ride the UK Coast on horseback
34) Stick a map with a pin and go there!
35) Swim with dolphins in the sea
36) Sleep in an igloo for a night
37) Shower in a waterfall
38) Walk behind a waterfall - DONE! I did this in Ohakune, beautiful!
39) Ride the biggest roller-coaster in the UK (don't think I'm brave enough for the biggest one in the world!)
40) Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
41) Go rally driving
42) Go to a music festival
43) Have my palm read
44) Fly first class
45) Visit the 9/11 location
46) Ice skate in New York at Christmas
47) Watch the ball drop in Times Square
48) Catch a fire fly
49) Get tickets to an Ellen Degeneres show
50) Eat pizza in Naples
51) Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
52) Witness a migration 
53) Visit Hawaii
54) Party hard at Rio Carnival
55) Get up close with Orca whales
56) Go to a drive in movie
57) Volunteer for an underdeveloped country
58) Be in two countries at once
59) Have a 6 pack! (weird one, I know)
60) Convince someone to write their own bucket list
61) Be a mother
62) Learn to play the piano
63) Learn how to use chopsticks
64) Change someone's life for the better
65) Have dinner in a sky scraper restaurant
66) Camp on the beach
67) Sleep under the stars (no tent)
68) Learn how to meditate
69) Visit all the Channel Islands (I have family in Jersey, just the rest to go!)
70) Track mountain gorillas
71) Walk the great wall of China
72) Visit the ancient city of Petra
73) Meet a holocaust survivor - DONE! We met Arek Hersh on a college trip. So hard to believe there are still survivors out there, it really wasn't that long ago.
73) Meet another Shellby

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