Tuesday, 21 October 2014

10 Simple Pleasures I've Come To Appreciate More This Year

This year, for me, has been mainly about growth, escape, learning and enjoying. I've grown as a person, I've escaped unhappiness and the depression that comes with it, I've learnt more about myself, my family and what I want for my future and I've enjoyed each and every day that has passed since I landed in New Zealand. Because of all of this I have begun to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and be more thankful for what I have. I guess travel and being away from home does that to you.

1) Sand between my toes
The sea was just across the road from the hotel I lived in and worked at back home; I could see it from my reception desk. Occasionally I would walk my dog on it, but the more I went there the more gloomy I felt. It was just so grey and cold, even in the summer. Now I live just a stones throw away from the beach in Tairua and I make a point of visiting it at least once a week. Last summer I spent almost all my free time there. 

2) Early Mornings/Sun Rise
I'm not really a morning person. I hate getting up before 8am, but every day this week I have jumped no scrambled ...no fallen out of bed to walk up Mt Paku with Tom and our friends. They are big on fitness and wake up at 5.30am every morning to go walking just for fun. I thought they were mad. That was until I started to appreciate how peaceful and beautiful the world is at that time of the morning. 

3) Friendly Faces
I've met some pretty mean people in my short life. People who don't care who's day they have to ruin just to get their own way. Thankfully, I haven't met too many of these people while I've been in New Zealand - and it made me realise how few meanies I met back home too. It just felt like there was more of them, because there usually wasn't that many Friendly Faces in between. 

4) Chocolate
Chocolate is expensive in New Zealand, and when you're on a budget like us we tend not to buy too much of it. Maybe it's a good reason it's never on offer when I'm craving it!

5) My Family and my Dog
I miss my family and I miss my dog, Zeze. I talk to them regularly on skype, but I miss not being able to hug them. I miss watching Downton Abbey with my mom and the roar of my dads motorbike in the driveway. I miss cuddles in bed with Zeze the most though. 

6) Unlimited Wi-Fi
I'm with Telecom so thankfully i get 1gb of data a day, but these days that doesn't last long what with Facebook, skype, emailing, blogging, pinterest and Australia research. 

7) Beautiful Views
New Zealand is full of them and I appreciate every moment I can spend drinking in some of the beautiful, mountainous views - especially the ones with lakes!

8) My Good Health
In a country where they don't have the NHS or other free health care, I'm grateful for my good health. *touchwood* 

9) Cameras, Computers, Mobiles and Other Technologies
In such an amazing, photo-worthy place I'm ever grateful for the invention of cameras to take photos and the technology to enable me to share them with family, friends and my readers. Yay for technology!

10) My Boyfriend
A bit cliche I suppose, but I honestly never thought I'd meet someone as amazing as Tom. His smile to me is what heroin is to an addict. He makes me laugh, pulls me out of dark places, supports me, teases me and laughs at my silly ideas and dreams. He doesn't do much around the house, but hey, not everyone is perfect! Now hand me a sick bucket before I vomit. 

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